5 best websites to learn Spanish 

Jul 18, 2022 | English

Many times, the internet has helped us learn many new things, including languages. Here are five wonderful websites that will improve your Spanish!

  • Aprender Español: This website is perfect to start getting the basics of the language, with both grammar and vocabulary sheets being available through themed departments, as well as online exercises to practice these new skills.


  • Tío Spanish: This is a YouTube channel to cross your fingers over! This funny, cute site includes all manner of videos to learn basic Spanish in an easy and funny way, in a way the whole family can enjoy!


  • Junta de Andalucía: Hailing from sunny Andalucía, the following is a free manual designed to teach Spanish to foreigners. It will be of great help if you ever decide to move to Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country.


  • Super Español: With exercises to do for each area of the language, including listening quizzes. This website is certainly “Super”, and one of the most useful pages you can find for learning Spanish.
  • Profe De ELE: A colourful webpage for learners of all ages, Profe De ELE has a distinct, friendly aesthetic, an appealing, educational rainbow that children will immediately be drawn to, and adults will find refreshingly pleasant.


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