5 Tips to improve your Spanish

Aug 1, 2022 | English

Learning a language can be a challenge, but never give up; there are always ways of learning at your own pace and however you want! Here are five easy ways to improve your Spanish. Take a look!

  1. Watch Spanish media: To start picking up on pronunciation, inflections and other important tidbits to speak the language, tune into Spanish TV, or even watch a movie in said language! Turning on subtitles is also a good way to relate words to their correct pronunciation, and it may be easier for you to identify the words in writing rather than in spoken form. 
  2. Read in Spanish: Pick up a Spanish magazine of your choice once in a while, as their articles are short and easy to read. Many big cities in English-speaking countries have at least a few on sale in large bookstore. Reading the Spanish version of tourist pamphlets is also a good idea, to compare and contrast with that in your own language.
  3. Rehearse what you know: If you’ve learnt some sentences and, what’s more, dialogues in Spanish, don’t hold back; repeat them with a friend or relative, or even with yourself! Practicing your speaking is not only a key part of improving not only your fluency in Spanish, but also your confidence, a very important part of learning any language.
  4. Don’t try to literally translate everything: Many times, we get blocked up trying to literally translate a sentence in another language we’re learning. To avoid this feeling, try to read into the situation that the sentence represents, in order to associate words and practical concepts. Translating is fine, but allow yourself to be more flexible!
  5. Listen to fluent speakers: learning how to pronounce any language is paramount, so listening to people who already speak it well can really help you; whether you’re listening to an audiobook, or listening to international radio through the Radio Garden website, or going to Spanish class, exposure to a language by a fluent person can mark a great difference in your learning.


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