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A guide to learn (or keep learning) Spanish

The language with 543 million speakers worldwide! (Castillian Spanish)

We know the story; you want to speak Spanish, but you believe your student years to be over. Or perhaps you began to study it, but felt jammed and unable to progress.

You find it hard to learn all the verbal tenses, and you find memorizing all the conjugations impossible. Or worse yet, you know the theory, but not how to put it into practice. You may want to start talking or improving your Spanish, but you don’t know where to start. You wish you could find someone to help you, and that’s what we’re here for!


Have no fear, you aren’t alone. I’m here to make things a bit easier for you.


On that note, here’s a summarized plan for the basics of Spanish. A mini-guide which includes vocabulary, verbal tenses and simple structures to be able to talk in a more simple, natural, efficient and practical manner.

When learning a language, there are patterns which will grant you that little push everyone needs when learning something new. With this summary, and following some easy steps you, as so many other students did, will have the foundations to make your way up to the top!


A better understanding of basic structures to form more complex sentences

Practical day-to-day vocabulary

The lists to conjugate most verbs

And now, should you sign up for one of our courses,
you can also obtain;

A better understanding of basic structures to form more complex sentences

Personalized coaching by a specialized teacher

More confidence and fluidity in communication

Resources for day-to-day situations (for travelling, at work, with friends…)

Being able to understand native-speakers better

Download free sample


Download free sample